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GIFT PACK "The Child" embroidered wall calendar 2024 with pouch


A unique full embroidered and handmade pouch containing the warmest wall calendar in the world!
You can customize the pouch if you like, by adding your logo, the recipient's name, or even a wish....

The best christmas gift you can find for your beloved ones or even yourself!
Hang the calendar on the wall, and fill the pouch to use it in your everyday life!

This special calendar will remind you to smile every day you look at it.
Special dates can be marked using a needle with some thread that is included.
The pouch can be used to carry your stationery, cosmetics or things necessary during your day.
Each page of the calendar has a different embroidered design that you can cut after the end of the month and use it separately. you can frame it, sew it on a tote bag, or t-shirt, or even make a patchwork!
I love receiving photos from my customers, whose children have coloured the calendar's pages!
It's the best reward for me, knowing that my embroideries keep you company through all the year.
Be a part of our community that is in constant search, discovering different applications of embroidery and using embroidered surfaces as an aspect of design.

Feel free to contact me for details!

materials: 100 % cotton fabric, rayon and polyester fiber, wood
dimensions of pouch: 27 x 18 x 6 cm
dimensions of calendar: 27 x 21 cm





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